About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
Internship programs in India are utter bullshit.

Essentially an opportunity for companies to hire free hands in exchange for a line on someone's "Linkedin profile".

We want to change that.

Apprenticeships were awesome. You learn under the guidance of an expert and get nominally paid. http://bit.ly/2OBIH6o

Since inception we have gotten quite a few internship applicants.

Hence we decided to start an experiment called Lazy Eight Academy. A paid apprenticeship in design, first of its kind in India.

Aim here is to have existing Principals choose Academy applicants and bring them under their wing.

Academy members get to learn new tools, work on live projects and get paid while doing it.

Principals get a bit of support and know that they are helping impart skills (which imo. is fulfilling by it self).

We are currently beta testing the program with the aim to properly roll this out early 2019 across design schools in India.

We are accepting applications for our beta, if you know of any potential design school candidates - https://lazyeight.design/academy/