About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
The typical creative agency has a pyramid structure which varies heavily based on whether it's a traditional / digital / blended agency - http://bit.ly/2NSJGlx

We wanted to experiment with something a bit different. A single role, ie. an agency filled with Don Drapers (sorry I'm a pop culture fien) - ie. top heavy by design. We decided to call them Lazy Eight Principals. Essentially folks that we believe are at the/near the top of their game.

Folks that have seen the show, know that many of the clients came to the agency because of "the Don".

To our clients we wanted to push the concept: "You hire us for our team not a single Principal". Moreover based on the client brief we would know which Principals to staff on them wrt. region, styles, etc.

We thus decided to take the call identifying our Principals not by name, rather by a hex colour. (eg. #3399fff - is my hex colour)

We also have been experimenting with a fully remote model, allowing our Principals to work from where ever they want. We call this #sanscubicle. http://bit.ly/2OzSA4w

The industry average for senior creatives at hourly based creative agencies, ranges from 10% - 15% of client hourly billing (back office teams, fancy offices, Cannes parties add up :p ). We have been thinking about ways to essentially double that to about 40% by reducing overheads and unnecessary fixed costs and expenses.

At most agencies, there are a few partners that split profits. Wouldn't it be cool if everyone got a piece of the pie?