About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
“Forty hour workweeks are a relic of the Industrial Age. Knowledge workers function like athletes — train and sprint, then rest and reassess.”  - Naval Ravikant.

I personally would rather hire 1% of a Dieter Rams than 100% of anybody else on this planet.

The idea thus is %time.

Our process initially was simple, if you are Principal you can nominate someone. We would then onboard them.

No trial period? No, we value our time as we do of our Principals. They would be staffed on a project then we would let the laws of Darwin take over.

If a Principal delivers quality work on time, they are staffed on more. If they don't, are being pricey, assholes and not fun to work with our system would already show them the door without anyone verbally having to say anything.

Our hiring philosophy is simple:

What we don’t care about: Where you went to school / college, where you worked previously, where you live, your sex or sexual orientation, your age, your awards, your Dribbble followers ...

What we care about: Great, inspired work, discipline in work – in fun, empathy, willingness to learn, confidence in your work, ability to follow process and most importantly – that you are not an asshole.

We look for folks that fit a unique culture we are trying to build globally. If you know of anyone, we are hiring - https://lazyeight.design/careers/