About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
How can one calculate "true work"?

One can be old school (eg. clock in / clock out punch cards) - but I can just clock in and do nothing.

One can be traditional (eg. depend on team members to enter hours into a staffing sheet at the end of the week (this is how many hourly based agencies do it). - this is never accurate and everyone works "overtime".

One can be invasive (eg. Odesk / Upworks screen monitoring tool, Rescue Time, etc) - simply put, not cool.

Since we were doing all our work using Slack and they had a neat open dev API - we decided to build a personable bot.

We decided to call it Acht (8 in German) and give it a bit of a personality. https://tppr.me/w1cKd

Our Principals would be able to interact with it to start, pause, stop cycles and view reports. https://tppr.me/DuvlU

We added control systems to avoid misuse : Eg. Random polling. https://tppr.me/ZX7MW

Acht also sends out reports at the end of the month (Client engagement vitals, Principal compensation reports, etc).

Aim with Acht is to slowly transform it into the central nervous system of Lazy Eight. A single automated back-office system that helps with reporting, data collection, data assessment, monthly price calculation, project estimates, invoice management, etc.