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All stories have villains and fires, these are ours thus far and what we have learned from them.

Case 1: You come in to give a "Pitch". They say they liked the idea, but their budget is too low and pass. 3 months later you see they hired a freelancer and executed on your idea.

Lesson: Don't pitch.

Case 2: You complete a project. Client is happy and you deliver the final assets. 3 months later they send goons to collect a full refund (yes this happened to us).

Lesson: Do your homework on a potential client, many have burned vendors in the past. We just might build a public directory one day and call it Burnol - labs project hmmmm...

Case 3: Client decides to hire a member of your team around protocol.

Lesson: Add a no solicit clause to your contract and then have a good legal team take care of the rest. We kept ours humorous - https://tppr.me/AFyMA

Case 4: Client refuses to pay on time.

Lesson: This is pretty common in the service space. Simply automate your systems and remove any human element. eg. If a person doesn't pay their phone bill, it stops working.

Case 5: Macro Economic effects. Demonetisation and GST were non predictable macro effects that effected all small, mid-sized companies. At the time of GST 80% of our invoices were stuck, and not paid for almost 9 months due to GST complications.

Lesson: Working capital is a bitch. There are services to help alleviate invoicing issues (they essentially purchase your invoices at a discount) - eg. kredx.com