About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
"Ok sounds great ... so how much will this cost" - pretty much every potential client.

"My budget is X .... because that seemed right. My friend did something similar and it cost that much...etc" - when it comes to asking potential client budgets.

We started helping our clients figure out what this budget number should be and why, and it's been enlightening for them.

I decided to open up a simpler form of the sheet we have been using, we call it Client Budget SOS. We'll be converting this into a web tool soon.

Here is the link - (please make a copy of the sheet to use) - http://bit.ly/2OEH2x4

The main things here are - Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Value, Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and Conversion Rates.

Based on data from past projects we noticed that a new website gives an avg. uptick of about 5%-15% in traffic (non-paid).

When we help with the UIUX of a website our internal aim is show a 1.5x - 2.5x in conversion rates / primary KPI (this % is heavily dependent on the traffic).

We also saw that % of CLV Addition as a budget determiner should be around 5% - 20%, this would depend on the nature of the business. If the core of the business is more digital vs. traditional it should be nearer to 20%.

Feel free to email me, happy to help with any questions or have an Engagement Principal from Lazy Eight help you. nav.chatterji@lazyeight.design . Happy budgeting :)