About Kaagaz
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Hi there, I'm Nav Chatterji.


Currently, I'm working at खूब ( khoob.group ) a small startup studio I founded that funds and builds teams around radical explorations for India.


About me:

(1982) Jabalpur, India > Ft. Worth, Tx > New Delhi, India > Philadelphia, Pa > New York, NY > Dallas, Tx > New Delhi, India (currently since 2013)

Education - University of Pennsylvania : BAS Computer Engineering, BA Economics (2001-2006)

Research - Under: David Hsu and Stewart Friedman (Management Dept, Wharton)

Work Experience - Investment Banking (M&A, Pvt. Capital - Digital Media) and co-founded a few startups.

❤︎ - Butter chicken, good beer, fitted ball caps, Dallas Cowboys, Mom, Dad, Chintoo and Neha.


Twitter: twitter.com/navchatterji

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/navchatterji/

Contact: nav[at]navchatterji[dot]com


Last Updated: October 28, 2019


PS: कागज़ ( Kaagaz.io ) is a simple tool built by the team at Khoob for quick notes and easy publishing. It's free and supports NGOs planting trees. Feel free to give it a spin :)