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Khoob Exploration 1: काम (Work) - Q3:2019 Update*.


India is likely to have the world’s largest workforce by 2027, with a billion people aged between 15 and 64. : http://bit.ly/2VBOU6R

India ranked in at 140 out of 155 countries in the World Happiness Report : http://bit.ly/2VDvYo5

Indian workers have one of the longest hours at work on an average compared to their global peers : http://bit.ly/2VHaEy3


How could we radically rethink the Indian workplace?


What if there was a single title and no hierarchy in this workplace?

What if there were no offices? Rather interesting places one can work out of?

What if an employee was limited to 60 or 80 hours per month of work, while spend remaining hours in enjoying the other things in life?

What if this workplace decided to embrace automation vs. fear it?

What if data was the "CEO"?


To attempt to answer these questions, we decided to begin building out such a workplace concept on May 15, 2016.

Our initial focus was on a single vertical service offering, design.

We decided to name the brand Lazy Eight (word play off of the 8 hours a day and also signifies the infinity sign). Website: lazyeight.design

We brought on 67* of India's finest creative minds (specialising in branding, packaging, print, ui/ux and interaction design) to help us build this out. We called them Principals.


Where are we now? (Accum. as of Q3:2019*)


Our design vertical has been growing steadily.

*252 clients - eg. (Uber, Hyperloop, Adidas, Aditya Birla Group, Bajaj, etc)

*INR 7.1 CR Revenue

*70% EBITDA Margin

*9 new Principal applicants per week.

*A Principal in Q3-2019 putting in 60 hours/mo is making: INR 12.7 Lacs / yr | 80 hours/mo is making: INR 16.9 Lacs / yr

*In comparison: A full time Senior Graphic Designer in India 4.8 Lacs / yr | A full time senior UIUX designer in India: 11.9 Lacs / yr : Glassdoor: http://bit.ly/31iLO8O

*Principal Happiness Index: 99.2% (as measured by 8).


How are we doing this? Our secret sauce.


Nearly 0 overheads. We are fully remote.

Our Principals have the option of working out of "Hammocks", ie. interesting internet enabled locations that are "less cubical more sans". Our Current Hammock Distribution within India: http://bit.ly/2OWYxf7

An in house AI bot (8) we built that has automated and helped with a majority of back office tasks: Learn more: http://bit.ly/2BqOE1m

We use data collected by 8 to make more optimal decisions. Eg. Dynamic monthly pricing based on Principal utilisation, client estimates (at a delta of less than ~10%), HR management based on utilisation and client / Principal happiness, etc.


What is the plan for Q4-2019?


We will be launching two new service verticals for which the foundation was laid in Q2 and Q3 2019 - Marketing and Tech. Aim will be to increase our service offerings for our clients and to further apply our thesis on these two new verticals.

We will be working on Phase 2 for 8 (our AI bot), making it more client facing with the aim to help our clients auto-manage workflows and services eventually allowing a utility like feel for skilled services.


Visit lazyeight.design | Contact Lazy Eight team: frontdesk[at]lazyeight[dot]design

Visit khoob.group |Contact Khoob team: frontdesk[at]khoob[dot]group


Last updated: October 21, 2019


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