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Exploration 001 notes by Nav Chatterji (twitter.com/navchatterji)


When I was younger, I learned to draw by tracing comic books (I got surprisingly good at Wolverine).

I learned web design in a similar way thanks to YouTube (PS CS3 tutorials) and Inspiration sites on the internet - not design school.

I then started freelancing - imo. the best way to hone your skills is have someone pay you to practice.

I discovered that many are learning the same way, resulting in incredible work from the far corners of the world (eg. filter Dribbble by Bangladesh / Kenya /Sri Lanka ..etc).

Creative services (thanks to the internet) and unlike many other services (accounting, legal, etc) are not governed by local rules, laws and policies.

Smart new brands think global and broad spectrum (spend and age) from day 0. Global perspectives matter more today than they ever have.

These perspectives are available, the issue is discoverability and managed (not "marketplace" like) accessibility.


Q1: Can we build a new type of a global creative agency that flips traditional agency models on its head?

Q2: Can we model a traditionally "service based" business model more like a "software based" business model?

Q3: Can creativity ever be a utility- accessible at the push of a button by anyone, for anything, for however long - fairly priced?