About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
After some initial experimentation we decided to stick to a blended hourly model. We're going to call this business model 0.1 - mishti doi.

Our long term aim was to determine a single hourly price that covered all our services, using data. We decided to choose a simple hourly pricing of INR 3650/hr (~$55/hr) as our day 1 pricing. This was based on some comparable research of rates in this space. Our services: branding, uiux design and development.

How would we bill our clients? Weekly / monthly / quarterly?

We decided to try out a concept of pre-billing our clients 40 hours at a time - similar to a pre-paid phone card. Once that ran out the client would need to refill the account. Any remaining hours of the engagement would be refunded back to them within 5 business days after the end of the engagement. Any new client that signed on would have this hourly rate pegged for 6 months.

These hours would only be billed for execution, not for anything else (eg. meetings / calls / shower thinking). Question is, how could we accurately measure these hours?

We experimented with a few timer based concepts that were in the market (eg. Rescue Time, etc), but realised we would need to build our own.

Naturally clients would want an hour estimate for their brief prior to signing up. But how would we determine that?

By this time we had about 30 projects under our belt. Still it wasn't enough data to provide automated estimates, so the estimates were a range of hours based on data from previous projects and "gut".