About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
We wanted to build India's first fully remote company.

We needed a "utility belt" (comic book reference, "We are Batmen - C. Bale voice") to enable this.

We constantly play around with new tools and are open to experimenting, but this is where we stand:

Google Apps (duh)

Slack - This has literally been one of the greatest products (sorry Google Wave - a bit too early) to enable efficient workplace communication since the water cooler.

Workflowy - Although it's seemingly unassuming, it's literally one of my favourite productivity tools (after Gmail). At Lazy Eight we share, @ Principals, # verticals , cross out tasks, etc.

Dropbox - There are many cloud based storage solutions. I started using Dropbox shortly after they launched. The desktop UX of sharing (and now selective sync) makes it the best solution in it's class.

Google Spread Sheets - Although I already mentioned Google Apps, there is something beautiful about spreadsheets (maybe the ex-banker in me) . But financial modelling, building Gants, staffing charts, etc on this powerful (and free) tool has been god send. Cell based API pushes is a great add on - http://bit.ly/2OuXP5r. Another good option is Airtable - http://bit.ly/2OAUWjV (but it's not free).

Team Paper - We are a visual company, there is nothing better than taking a screenshot, marking it up with comments and sharing it.

Kaagaz.io - Since notepad.cc shutdown there wasn't ever a quick way to take notes (meeting notes, brainstorms, etc) and share them. So we decided to build our first in-house product. You are reading these notes on that.