About Kaagaz
Don’t use paper. Use Kaagaz.
I think the infinity symbol is the greatest piece of graphic work ever produced.

So I thought wouldn't it be cool to just have ∞ as the brand.

∞.com was taken. Since we were kicking off this shindig from India, ∞.in made sense and it was available. https://tppr.me/sczuD

.in TLDs didn't support unicode :(

Back to the drawing board - infinitydesigns sounded like a cliched design shop from the 90s - other options considered: dormant eight, lazy eight, sleepy eight, lemniscate, koch's snowflake, and many other "math-licious" options ....

Lazy Eight stuck - The comfort of lazy and the possibilities around infinity.

Lazy Eight also worked into our philosophy to rethink work (ie. 8-hour work days), which we thought was important given the state of work in India. http://bit.ly/2ODV1Du

The final palette was black and white. The logo mark - A simple Helvetica Neue font play: https://tppr.me/8r9rR